Scandinavian suburbia + UK underground
Deep House + Garage + Dubstep + Drum'n'bass

On Materia

Materia demonstrates a rare ability to expertly traverse the dance genres. The Bristol based producer tackles the deep, the tech, rolling progression, tight breakbeats, shuddering dubstep and far beyond all with sizzling, production aplomb.

- LoudAt

On Atlas

Atlas journeys through 10 tracks of enchanting, sirenic material heavy enough for the clubs and melodious enough for sustained home listening. 10 tracks feature on the album of which 6 appear on the vinyl copy. Both formats unveil themselves in a grande manor with the mysterious wonders of Otherland. Vivid, theatrical and sharp, it's a bright eyed opener with emotional flutters and haunting vocals leaving ice cold shivers running up your spine.

- Immersed Audio


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Bristol, UK